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My daughter who plays competitive volleyball received MPFL surgery from Dr. Lauchlan Chambers in July 2019. It is now Dec 2019 and she got her speed and mobility back and getting closer to 100 percent. In fact her knee is actually stronger and more stable than before her surgery. My wife who has knee issues of her own has seen Dr. Chambers recently and is considering her options. If my wife decides to go with surgery, there will be only one doctor who she trusts, and that’s Chambers. Thank you Dr. Chambers.


My daughter was referred to Dr. Chambers by one of the other physicians, Dr. Kathryn Perkins-Tift who is also AMAZING. When she had her appointment with Dr, Chambers he made us feel so comfortable and that we could ask them any questions we needed. The office staff from the front desk clerks to all of the assistants that take you to the room are amazing as well. My daughter had a surgery called TTO (Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy) on both of her knees. The first one was in June of 2018 and the second was May of 2019. It was a long six week recovery for both but after that six weeks she said for the first time in about 5 or 6 years that she was not not having the terrible pain she had been having before. So if anyone asks us who is a good Orthopedic Doctor, we tell them about Dr. Chambers for the adults and Dr. Tift for the kids. Thank you both for making our visits more comfortable and relaxed.


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“Most efficiently run doctor’s office I’ve ever been to!! That’s what my husband called to tell me as soon as he left Dr. Chambers office. John had been referred by a good friend to a sports doctor who practices close to his office in Long Beach. I looked up the yelp reviews and they weren’t good. Poorly run, long waits, etc. that led to looking for the sports clinic with the best reviews – Dr. Chambers and his staff. Even though it was further away John decided to go to Dr. Chambers instead. We got an appointment within a few days of calling and he saw Dr. Chambers yesterday. He was called in as soon as he filled out his paperwork, the nurse/assistant asked a few questions, sent John to x-ray (he had a hurt shoulder) then back to the exam room. All with no wait. Dr. Chambers came in immediately, had the x-rays, reviewed them, diagnosed the problem and gave John a shot of cortisone (which didn’t hurt) that the assistant had set up ahead of time. My husband already feels better and can’t believe he stalled a month with pain as the visit was so “painless!” Thank you to Dr. Chambers and staff – we won’t hesitate to go back if there’s ever a need!”

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“Thank you so much Dr Chambers Launch and your PA Baker Adam. You are really helpful when I got surgery on both my knees. All of your staff are really helpful with patients as with me. You are really patient and good at listening to the patient and fixing the problem. Once again Dr Cambers is a great doctor. To any one who needs a Orthopedic Dr Chamber is the doctor to call.”

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“I received two separate referrals to see Dr. Lauchlan Chambers at Coastline Orthopedic Associates for evaluation of issues I was having with both knees. From the first appointment, I knew that I was with the right surgeon. Dr. Chambers is very personable and thorough. I had all my questions answered and gave the green light for 2 knee surgeries. The first was in July of 2016. The second followed shortly thereafter. From that initial appointment, the surgical staff and the follow-ups, I couldn’t have been be more pleased. Adam, Dr. Chambers’ PA, gets 5 stars as well. He, too, is very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.”

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“Dr. Chambers is professional kind and an awesome excellent surgeon. I highly recommend him to operate on any part of my family and family members. The office staff receives 5 stars my transition from working and receiving disability effortless I sincerely thank you all for my first time having surgery and being scared Dr. Chambers and staff was outstanding.”

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“My son was injured playing soccer and broke his wrist really badly. When we went to the ER we were told to see Dr. Chambers because he was highly recommended for both kids and athletes. When he looked at the x-rays he told us that my son needed surgery or else his wrist might heal crooked. He cautiously and carefully explained all the options to us. Nothing means more to me than my son, so I had the utmost faith in Dr. Chambers and put my son’s care in his hands. After surgery it was like night and day. My son could move his wrist again without pain. He made a full recovery and is back to playing soccer. We love Dr. Chambers and his office so much. You won’t find a more personable, knowledgeable and honest doctor. I love him so much that I also let him inject my knee. I feel like a new man because of it. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I’m not saying I’m glad my son broke his wrist. But I’m sure glad that God steered us to Dr. Chambers.”

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“Dr. Chambers is an incredibly compassionate physician. I am a professional tennis player and coach and he recently treated my star protege. She had wrist pain for 3 months, limiting her ability to compete. After one consultation, her wrist pain resolved and the next weekend she won her under 18 open Southern California tournament. I wouldn’t trust any of my athletes with any other orthopedic surgeon! He is one of the few surgeons who doesn’t use surgery as his first option (even though surgeons are financially motivated to do so). Highly recommend him for any sports medicine injury!”

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“Torn ACL, had a cadaver replacement surgery 11 months ago. I am very happy with the results, I have fluid movement, very little scarring. The recovery process has been long, which is common for this injury, and I feel at about 80% back to normal. I could not be happier with Dr. Chambers. He is very helpful, informative, professional and easy on the eyes! My appointments from start to finish including wait time are usually under an hour, not bad for an office that is this busy. I go back tomorrow for my evaluation.”

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