Timothy T. Cheng, MD Curriculum Vitae

  • Education:
    • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), UCLA — Los Angeles, Ca 08/2009-06/2013
    • B.S. in Computer Science, UCSD —San Diego, Ca Post 09/2001-06/2005
  • Graduate Education and Training:
    • Sport Medicine Fellow, Massachusetts General — Boston, MA 08/2019-07/2020
    • Residency, UCSD Orthopaedic Surgery — San Diego, Ca 07/2013-06/2019
  • Professional Experience:
    • Graduate Assist, Massachusetts General — Boston, MA 08/2019-07/2020
    • Research Assistant, Boulanger Lab, UCSD — San Diego, Ca 05/2007-07/2009
    • Software Engineer, BAE Systems — San Diego, Ca Medical 07/2005-01/2007
  • Licensures:
    • Massachusetts State Medical License, Active 06/2019-present
    • California State Medical License, Active 09/2014-present
    • DEA License, Active 09/2014-present
  • Professional Society Memberships:
    • San Diego Orthopaedic Society, Resident Delegate 05/2018-06/2019
    • American Academy of Orthopaedlc Surgeons (AAOS), Member 07/2014-present
  • Honors and Awards:
    • Cum Laude, UCSD 06/2005
    • UCSD Men’s Lacrosse Trident Award 05/2005
  • Team Coverage Experience:
    1. New England Patriots 08/2019-07/2020
    2. NFL Combine, Patriots Medical Staff 02/2020
    3. New England Revolution Soccer, MLS 01/2020-07/2020
    4. Curry College Men’s Hockey 08/2019-07/2020
    5. Suffolk University Men’s Hockey 08/2019-07/2020
    6. BB&N High School Football 08/2019-07/2020
    7. San Diego Seals Professional Men’s Lacrosse 12/2018-04/2019
    8. San Diego High School Football Team Doctor 08/2016-07/2019
    9. UCSD Athletics Pre-Participatlon Physicals 09/2013-09/2018
    10. USD Men’s Lacrosse Team, Defensive Coordinator 09/2008-04/2009
    11. Francis Parker Middle School Boys Lacrosse Team, Head Coach 02/2008-05/2008
  • Educational Activities:
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Spore Medlclne Fellowship

    • Sports Medicine Conference Presentations
      • Superior Capsular Reconstruction 11/2019
      • Meniscal Allograft Transplant 06/2020
    • Anatomy Cadaver Lab Instructor, Boston Red Sox Athletic Training Staff 01/2020

    USD Orthopaedic Surgery Residency

      1. Orthopaedic Residency Lectures
        • Grand Rounds — Treatment for massive rotator cuff tears 05/2019
        • Shoulder Instability 01/2019
        • TKA — Prosthesis Design 02/2019
        • TKA — Complications 02/2019
        • Foot and Ankle Review 02/2019
        • Sports Foot and Ankle Review 03/2019
        • Forefoot Deformities 03/2019
        • Hemicorpectomy 11/2017
        • Open Humerus Fractures 07/2017
        • Joint Trauma Conference: Necrotizing Fasciitis 06/2016
        • Evaluation of Gene Expression in Massive Rotator Cuff Tears 06/2015
        • Gene Expression and Signaling in Response to Mechanical Stimuli 09/2014
      2. Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Interviewer 01/2019
      3. Visiting Professor Committee 07/2017-present
      4. Resident Physician Council 07/2017-06/2018
      5. Grand Rounds Committee 07/2017-06/2018
      6. Intern Bootcamp Instructor 07/2017
      7. Medical School MSK Anatomy Instructor 01/2015-02/2015
      8. Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Application Reviewer 11/2015-02/2019

    UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

    1. Admission Committee Interviewer 09/2011-09/2012
    2. UCLA Mobile Clinic— Medical Volunteer 10/2009-06/2011
    3. Social Chair 09/2009-08/2010
  • quality Improvement:
    • Azimi H, Cheng T, Foran l, Parvaresh K. Improving Resident Education and Efficiency. Website completed: May 2016
    • Azimi H, Cheng T, Foran I, Parvaresh K. Improving Orthopaedic Surgery Follow-up Care with Discharge Instructions. Project completed: May 2014.
  • Video Development:
  • UCSD Orthopaedlc Residency Recruitment Video

    • Developed the creative approach, shot footage, edited video content, and promoted the video. The recruitment video has been shown at each recruitment day from 01/201501/2020. www.voutube.com/watch?v=uxW2MOSDsvE
  • Research:
  • Grant Support

      • OREF Resident Research Grant — $5,000 02/2015

    Peer-Reviewed Publications

        1. Keller R, Croswell D, Medina G, Cheng T, Oh L, Paget-Schroetter Syndrome: A Comprehensive and Systematic Review. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2020. Accepted. Cheng T, Carreau J, Schwartz A. Use of the LRINEC Score in Diabetic Patients. Clinical Archives of Bone and Joint Diseases. 2018;1(1).
        2. Gibbons MC, Fisch KM, Pichika R, Cheng T, et al. Heterogenous muscle gene expression patterns in patients with massive rotator cuff tears. PLOS One. 2018;13(1):e0190439. Gibbons MC, Singh A, Anakwenze O, Cheng T, et al. Histological Evidence of Muscle Degeneration in Advanced Human Rotator Cuff Disease. J Bone Joint Surg Am.
        3. Gibbons MC, Sato El, Bachasson D, Cheng T, et al. Muscle architectural changes after massive human rotator cuff tear, J Orthop Res. 2016;34(12):2089-2095.
        4. Fourgeaud L, Davenport CM, Tyler CM, Cheng T, et al. MHC class I modulates NMDA receptor function and AMPA receptor trafficking. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.

    Poster Presentations

        • Cheng T, Fish D. (2010, July). Enlargement of a Zygapophysial Joint Cyst and Severe Pain after a Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection. Poster presented at: Josiah Brown Research Fair; Los Angeles, CA.

    Oral Presentations

        1. Cheng T, Bastrom T, Edmonds E, Pennock A. Risk Factors for Recurrent Instability after Arthroscopic Stabilization in Adolescent Athletes. Oral Presentation presented at: 2019 AOSSM annual meeting; Boston, MA.
        2. Cheng T, Carreau J, Schwartz A. (2016). Use of the LRINEC Score in Diabetic Patients. Oral Presentation presented at: 18th Annual OREF/ORS Southwest Region Resident Research Symposium; San Diego, CA.
        3. Cheng T, Ward S. (2015) Gene Expression of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears. Oral Presentation presented at: UCSD Orthopaedic Research Conference; San Diego, CA.

    Technology Development

        1. Developed a prototype iPhone/mac app to function as a low cost arthroscopy simulator
        2. Development of an iPhone app for risk stratification of ACL injuries in athletes based on landing mechanics; app utilizes artificial Intelligence and deep learning.

    Research In Progress

      1. Cheng T, Keller R, Sabbag O, O’Donnell E, Oh L. Rehabilitation Protocol Variability after Biceps Tenodesis. Manuscript in progress.
      2. Sabbag O, Keller R, Cheng T, O’Donnel E, Oh L. Rehabilitation Protocol Variability after Rotator Cuff Repair. Manuscript submitted.
      3. Cheng T, Bastrom T, Edmonds E, Pennock A. Risk Factors for Recurrent Instability after Arthroscopic Stabilization in Adolescent Athletes. Manuscript submitted.
  • Hospital Affiliations:
    • 2019-2020 (Fellowship): Massachusetts General Hospital
    • 2013-2019 (Residency): UC San Diego Medical Center
    • 2009-2013 (Medical School): UCLA Medical Center