Payam Farjoodi, MD Testimonials

CF. at Yelp.

“I had seen quite a few doctors regarding my lower back pain and they all gave me the run around regarding treatment and procedures. Finally, I found Dr. Farjoodi! He was straight forward, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Having seen him after my horrible experiences with other doctors I was in such relief being under the care of Dr. Farjoodi. I fully trust him and his team to provide exceptional service. The team is patient, prompt, and will provide the best options for you and your care plan. Dr. Farjoodi is passionate about his work and made me feel very comfortable moving forward with my spinal procedures.”

KG at Yelp.

“We feel truly grateful and blessed to have found Dr.Farjoodi and his entire team. My husband had suffered years with pain from lumbar stenosis and degenerative disk disease. Only two weeks ago he underwent major anterior and posterior lumbar fusion, decompression, et….. . For the first time in years he is already experiencing relief. From the educational videos to the office visits to the staff who help with disability forms, this IS the Doctor and the team to trust.”

L T. at

“Dr. Farjoodi is truly an amazing Doctor he is so knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner. He really listens to your concerns and helps calm you. His office staff is caring and so helpful I really felt so safe going in for spine surgery. He fixed my issues and his PA Leah is just as nice as can be. She always makes me feel comfortable not just a number. I highly recommend Dr. Farjoodi for any ortho issues you have I promise you will be so glad you did.”

J R. at

“Let’s start with the “givens”- Bedside manner “Outstanding”. Caring Knowledgeable Staff “Outstanding”. Skilled Physicians Assistant (Leah Hansen) “Check and Double Check”! Now for the particulars in “my case”. My wife has battled back issues for well over 15 years. We had some of the highest rated physicians and surgeons in our health plan, but no one could stop her pain. We even tried inversion therapy, again no relief. She suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease (D.D.D.). Her L-5 and S-1 discs were “bone on bone”. The pain was excruciating. Often times she would be dropped to her knees in pain. Anyone who suffers from this type of pain knows that it is not only debilitating, but it affects the whole family. Loved ones are taken to the edge with the moodiness and constant need for assistance. Treatments almost always include heavy opioids, and all of their side effects and dangers. My wife had multiple steroid injections and still the pain persisted. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I need you to understand that this physician/surgeon, not only solved the problem, but saved our family. If any of this sounds familiar then you need to have a conversation with Dr. Farjoodi. All of the great attributes that great physicians have, Dr. Farjoodi has. He listens and remembers your goals and issues. The most amazing thing was that he looked at my wife’s X-Ray and with all of the confidence in the world said, “I can fix that”. He wondered why it had not been done sooner, and we realized that our expensive insurance did not want to pay for it. Within two weeks my wife was on the operating table, and pain was on the way out. Her P.I.L.F. and T.I.L.F surgeries were completely successful. How do I know they were successful? If you are a caregiver, spouse, partner, or family member of someone who suffers and lives with this type of condition… PLEASE READ THIS! I knew they were successful because that FACE of pain left. You know the “scowl” … well it was gone. Let’s not forget the reduction of those powerful drugs (morphine being one), the “phuzzy” living in a “cloud” feeling, gone. We got our family member back… Because Dr. Farjoodi said, “I can fix that”. He has kept his word and I know you should give him the opportunity to “fix” your condition as well.”

Y A. at

“DOCTOR PAYAM FARJOODI and his team are Nothing less than a Class act words will not describe how ExCELLENT THIS SURGEON IS and all who assist the DOCTOR are all so caring I am truly amazed with the treatment I have RECEIVED after neck surgery and very HONORED to have had DR. FARJOODI for my surgeon and the GREATNESS of the HOSPITAL. Thank YOU so much.

R V. at

“Dr. Farjoodi is a Great Surgeon and Leah his PA is also amazing. Dr. Farjoodi did a laminectomy and he put a new cage, rods & screws to replace the titanium 3 rods & 5 screws from a previous surgery I had back 25 years ago. When a pain management Dr. wants to do nothing but give me meds and an epidural shot that didn’t work and I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and when you know there is something else going on, but pain, it’s time to see the surgeon to get back your way of life. I’m just so grateful to Dr. Farjoodi & Leah for their skilled hands and knowledge they have given me back my way of life. Thank you Dr. Farjoodi & Leah. I would refer anyone that needs Orthopedic Surgeon for backs & spine to Dr. Farjoodi.”

A G. at

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Farjoodi and the entire staff at Coastline Orthopaedic Associates. From the first visit I have felt confident that Dr. Farjoodi really cares about the well-being of his patients. I am 2 weeks post surgery and I have to say that the professionalism and kindness I have experienced under his care has been like no other.”